2016 State of the City


On March 4, 2016, officials presented updates on projects, programs and the health of the City of Norwalk.


The Norwalk Community Coordinating Council, a long-standing local civic organization, raised $10,000 from this fundraising event for three causes serving local families.  The Coordinating Council will give $2,500 of the monies to the Norwalk Food Pantry to help feed residents in need. $2,500 of their proceeds will go to The Whole Child, and agency that helps house vulnerable families.  $10,000 will be presented to support Supervisor Don Knabe's campaign against child sex trafficking.  The 4th District Supervisor has been a strong leader in the fight, traveling to Washington, DC to lobby for tougher laws for offenders and raising awareness of the crime.

The Chamber of Commerce provided an update on their year's accomplishments.  The Norwalk Sheriff's Captain Curtis Jensen spoke about Norwalk's crime rate, which has continues to decrease and currently stands at a ten year low.  Mayor Leonard Shryock and City Manager Michael Egan presented information on Norwalk's economy, its continuing environmental push, construction projects in the City, potential transportation development, education and community and collaborative efforts to keep residents' quality of life stable and bright.


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