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Community Development Department

The mission of the Community Development Department is to guide the orderly development and continued revitalization of the community by maintaining and implementing the comprehensive General Plan.

The Community Development Department oversees every phase of development within the City. From the design of buildings, to the infrastructure to serve it, to the use of buildings, to the on-going maintenance of properties, all questions regarding private property development and use can be directed to the Community Development Department. The Department also provides assistance to low to moderate income families for rent or home repairs. The Department is organized in six divisions: Planning, Engineering, Building and Safety, Property Maintenance, Housing Authority, and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

Building and Safety Division

The Building and Safety Division issues permits for all new construction or modifications to existing developments (commercial, residential or industrial) in the City. The permits follow the safety standards set forth in the Building Code and the City maintains a staff of inspectors who visit each job site to verify that the work has been performed to Code requirements. Adherence to the Building Code ensures that each project meets a minimum set of safety standards, which in turn helps preserve the value of the buildings and structures.

The City has a knowledgeable Building and Safety staff who is available to assist you with whatever questions or needs you may have. You may make an appointment to see a Permit Technician by calling Building & Safety at (562) 929-5733 or seeing a representative in Room 12. Appointments are available every workday from 9 - 11 a.m. and 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. Please note that having an appointment means that the customer will be the next in line if the Permit Technicians are busy assisting other customers.

If you have any questions regarding work you are considering or other building-related concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Building and Safety during regular business hours.


Contractor's License Board
International Code Council

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Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for design, inspection, and administration of the City's infrastructure construction projects which include streets, sewers, water lines, drainage systems, and all traffic related activities. The Division produces and maintains the maps, drawings, and records of the City's facilities within the public right-of-way as well as subdivision maps and assists the public with engineering related matters.

The Engineering Division issues all permits for activities within the public right-of-way that generally includes the streets, sidewalks, and grass parkway areas.

City of Norwalk Sewer System Management Plan - Adopted in 2009

Green Streets Manual
2011 SSMP Bi-Annual Audit
Design and Performance Provisions
FOG Control Program
Legal Authority
Operation and Maintenance Program
Overflow Emergency Response Plan
System Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plan


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Housing Authority

The Housing Authority assists low-income families find safe and decent homes through financial assistance and helps individuals build vital skills for career success. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a rental assistance program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is a subsidy program that helps eligible participants by paying a portion of the participant's monthly rent. Landlords also benefit from Section 8 because they are guaranteed a ready pool of tenants, free vacancy advertising, and the choice to accept or decline tenants. The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is ideal for individuals seeking personal and professional independence and self-reliance. As a FSS participant, individuals can find a fulfilling career by using the program’s resources for education, job training, transportation, childcare, and language skills.

For information on housing assistance, click here.

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Planning Division

There are two primary functions of the Planning Division: current and advanced planning. Current planning involves the review of development projects, including anything from bedroom additions to residential subdivisions and new commercial centers. Projects are reviewed for matters such as compliance with zoning regulations, the effect the project will have on the environment, and compatibility with neighboring uses.

Advanced planning, on the other hand, involves the establishment of regulations and long range plans for land use and development within the City. The type, size, location, and appearance of development on each property is determined through the advanced planning process. In essence, it establishes the objectives and framework under which current planning can effectively occur.

The General Plan is a policy document that represents the official statement of the City regarding its social, physical, and economic goals. The adopted General Plan includes chapters on land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise, safety, community design, educational and cultural resources, and utility infrastructure. The General Plan determines the potential growth of the City, including residential, commercial, and industrial growth. Then, it establishes goals to accommodate that growth.

The Zoning Ordinance is designed to implement the goals of the General Plan through detailed regulations. Each property in the City is designated a certain zone. The Zoning Ordinance, in turn, establishes the types of uses permitted, the location, intensity, and size of structures within each zone.

Norwalk's Municipal Code
Los Angeles County Assessor's Office


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Code Compliance Division

The Code Compliance Division focuses on enforcing property maintenance, zoning requirements, and related provisions of the Norwalk Municipal Code. The codes help ensure that homeowners and surrounding residents are protected from potential health and safety risks in addition to maintaining Norwalk's aesthetic integrity. Staff is responsible for responding to complaints or inquiries regarding violations of zoning, sign, land use ordinances, and public nuisances as well as being proactive in identifying and initiating cases. Code Compliance inspectors are knowledgeable of the Norwalk Municipal Codes and California Health and Safety Codes. They work closely with homeowners to address property maintenance issues and this cooperation allows for the correction of code violations and helps to preserve the quality of life within the City's neighborhoods.


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Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

CDBG is a federally funded program that improves housing and economic opportunities for low to moderate income residents.

Using community input, the City develops a 5-Year Consolidated Plan which outlines housing, economic development and social service needs in the City and how the City plans to spend CDBG funds to address those needs. The City is currently developing its Consolidated Plan for 2015-2020 and is seeking public participation. To participate in the community needs survey, please click here.

The City is also developing a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy for the San Antonio/Firestone area. For information on the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy and to view a map of the proposed area, click here.

If you are a homeowner or rental property owner, the CDBG Division provides financial assistance to low income property owners to make needed repairs through the Home Improvement Program. Assistance may include the remodeling of a home to comply with building code and health requirements, fixing structural conditions, and other general improvements. For more information about the Home Improvement Program, click here.


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Fiscal Year 2014/15 Annual Action Plan: Adopted May 6, 2014

Annual Action Plan establishes the strategies that will be undertaken with CDBG and HOME funds. back to top

Building and Safety, Property Maintenance, Engineering, and Planning Divisions
12700 Norwalk Boulevard, Room 12
Norwalk, CA 90650
Phone: (562) 929-5744
Fax: (562) 929-5584

Housing Authority
12700 Norwalk Blvd., Room 11
Norwalk, CA 90650
Phone: (562) 929-5588
Fax: (562) 929-5537

Community Development Block Grant Division
12700 Norwalk Blvd., Room 12
Norwalk, CA 90650
Phone: (562) 929-5951
Fax: (562) 929-5584

Southern California Association of Governments
California Land Use Planning Information Network
State of California Department of Housing and Community Development

California Environmental Protection Agency

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