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Business Licensing
Annual Statement of Gross Receipts
Business License Application
Business License Application - Non-Profit Exempt
Business License Fee Schedule
Home Occupation Permit Application
Non-Profit Organization Financial Statement
Professions-Based on Personnel License Fee Schedule
Public Utility & Services Certification of Gross Receipts
Real Property Management Business License Tax Schedule
Services/Home Occupations/Trades License Fee Schedule
Special Event Permit Application
Special Event Permit Application
Special Event Permit Indemnification Form
Special Event Permit Procedures
Vending Machines Certification of Gross Receipts

Community Development
DRAFT Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance
Fee Receipt
General Plan Amendment Application
Home Occupation Permit Application
Lot Line Adjustment and Lot Merger Application
Precise Development Plan Application
Site Plan and Plot Plan Application
Tentative Parcel and Tentative Tract Map Application

Filming Permits
Business License Application for Filming
Business License Services Form for Filming
Filming Permit Application
Procedure for Filming Companies

Advisory Body Application
Animal Permit Application
Claim Form
Transient Occupancy Tax Government Exemption Form
Transient Occupancy Tax Return Form
Website Design Survey

Public Safety
Parking Violation Review Request
Public Safety Reserve Officer Guidelines

Automatic Water Payment Program Form
Disabled Low-Income Utility Tax Exemption Form
Senior Citizen Utility Tax Exemption Form
Trash Services Disabled Discount Application
Trash Services Senior Discount Application
UUT Remittance Form
Water Map - Service Providers
Water Rates
Water Service Application